Every consideration has been made to universally ensure that users of any ability can have access to our pages.

We have aimed to create sites that are available to everyone including those with sight, audio and motor impairment restrictions. This website has been built to align with the W3C's WCAG 2.0 Guidelines Level A and where possible Level AA. Whilst most of these priorities can be definitively adhered to, many guidelines are slightly subjective and can be difficult to test. We have reviewed the guidelines and believe that our pages all reflect them.

We also consistently aim to ensure all our pages validate to a W3C formal grammar (XHTML Strict or HTML 5).

  • We aim to use web-friendly typefaces so all text is easy to read.
  • We have appropriate alt tags for images to describe their content.
  • We ensure that navigation throughout our website is consistent.
  • We do not rely on colour as the only way of conveying information.
  • We avoid the use of text as images wherever possible.

If you require larger text or images on the website:

  1. Hold down 'Ctrl' key ('Cmd' on Mac) and press '+' to zoom in.
  2. Hold down 'Ctrl' key ('Cmd' on Mac) and press '-' to zoom out.
  3. Hold down 'Ctrl' key ('Cmd' on Mac) and press '0' to reset zoom.