Reading your meter is a simple process that comes with a wide variety of benefits. Primarily, doing so can help businesses to identify changes to the usual consumption which cannot be explained. Often, these drastic changes can be caused by leaks, helping you to organise repair earlier and minimise the impact on your bill.

You should only try to access your meter if it is COMPLETELY safe to do so. If you are in any doubt do not attempt to access the meter, and contact your water retailer. If it is safe for you to do so, to read your meter you must record the digits in black only.

Still unsure?

Our guide explains exactly what to do when reading your meter, once you've read through the guide and taken a meter reading, simply come back to this page and submit your reading below.

How to read my meter

How to read your meter

When reading your meter, please do not include the red digits. In the example below 123 or 00123 are acceptable

Meter reading

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