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How to read your meter

When reading your meter, please do not include the red digits. In the example below 123 or 00123 are acceptable

When it comes to reading your water meter, there are a few things to keep in mind. If your water meter is inside, it’s typically installed on the water pipe as it enters your property, usually near the internal stop tap where the pipework connects to your premises.

For meters located outside, you can usually find them under a small metal or plastic cover in the nearby footpath. This is where you outside stop tap is located. In the case of outdoor meter, you might need to lift the cover to access it. You may also find a foam or polystyrene disc underneath the cover, which protects the meter from frost. Be sure to replace it after you’re done.

If you encounter any difficulties or safety concerns while accessing your meter, please contact us for help.

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Our guide has clear instructions on how to read your meter. Once you've gone through the guide and taken your reading, return to this page and submit the details below.

How to read my meter

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