Source for Business has helped a second generation farm in Truro save thousands of litres of water and consequently thousands of pounds from its water bills.

Hillview Farm nestled in Allet, Truro boasts a herd of 80 cows, 120 acres of cereals and 80 acres of potatoes.

Significant amounts of potable water were used for crop spraying and by cattle, generating substantial water and sewerage charges whilst contributing to the carbon footprint from the wholesaler in production. The industrial meat production complex also used a lot of water, almost a third of the water footprint of the total agricultural production.

Kevin Williams the farm's owner, approached Source for Business in 2019 as he wanted to reduce his £16,000 p.a. water bill and improve his bottom line, whilst supporting the UK's water sustainability and carbon reduction goals.

At Source for Business, we recognise the challenges faced by Hillview Farm as typical of those experienced by many businesses in the agriculture sector. We always recommend looking at what nature can provide at a lower cost whilst maintaining the security of supply provided by a mains connection. If you would like to understand how we can help please get in touch.

“Nigel came out to visit me on the farm within days of my call. He recommended that I install a borehole to reduce my water bills, provide a contingency and also help me with my sustainability targets.

He organised for an acid test which was necessary to bring the levels to neutral for my cattle – then he organised for the borehole and 2 storage tanks to be fitted to store excess water. The tanks were unobtrusive and didn’t negatively impact us in any way.

Nearly a year on, and my water bills have reduced to just £65 a quarter for the standing charge as I’m still connected to the mains. I’m obviously delighted with the outcome and the significant cost savings and found Nigel very knowledgeable and helpful with the transition. I used finance to fund the installation and the savings I have made will pay for this installation over the next 2 years, with one year already behind me." -Kevin Williams, Owner