Tolcarne Beach Village

15 May 2024

Tolcarne Beach Village is a holiday village nestled on the north shore of Cornwall. The private beach boasts the Colonial Restaurant, a range of beautiful boutique accommodation, including hot-tub suites and beach cabins.

The owners of Tolcarne contacted Source for Business as they thought they had a leak on their private water supply. Source for Business attended site to investigate, but discovered the suspected leak was in fact a spring at the cliff edge which rather than a problem was a fantastic opportunity. How could the water be collected and used? In using a natural resource, Tolcarne Beach Village would not only reduce their use of potable water but would save money in the process.

Following engineering works completed by Source for Business the water is now being diverted to a collection chamber where it is pumped and filtered into a holding tank. It is then UV treated and used around the site. The mains supply remains in place as both a contingency and in the event of high demand above the stream’s capacity.  

Tolcarne Beach Village Logo

"We are thrilled with the positive impact that Source for Business has had on our business. Their work on diverting the spring and providing free recycled and treated water to Tolcarne has improved our environmental credentials and helped reduce our water and wastewater bills – estimated at £20k p.a.

We are especially grateful for the catchment chamber which filters the water through to a holding tank and feeds the restaurant, café, and hotel. Additionally, the free shower installed for surfers has been a massive hit, and we couldn't be happier with the results."  Daniel San-Martin, Operations Manager.

“We are always looking for ways in which our customers can better utilise both rain and groundwater sources to save money. It is a genuine passion of ours and we are delighted to have been able to help Tolcarne Beach Village. Nigel Ponsford, Source for Business Key Account Manager