Case studies

Explore real-life success stories and innovative solutions implemented by our valued clients. Dive into our case studies to discover how we've partnered with businesses like yours to overcome challenges, achieve goals, and drive meaningful results. From sustainability initiatives to operational improvements, these case studies showcase our commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes and creating lasting impact.

Tolcarne Beach Village

Discover how Tolcarne Beach Village transformed a suspected leak into an eco-friendly opportunity with Source for Business. By harnessing natural springs, they reduced water usage and costs while enhancing sustainability.

Plymouth Argyle Football Grounds

Discover how Plymouth Argyle Football Club partnered with Source for Business to repurpose rainwater, reducing costs and promoting sustainability. This innovative rainwater harvesting project showcases a unique solution for businesses aiming to cut expenses and contribute to environmental goals.

Headland Hotel

Witness The Headland Hotel's commitment to sustainability in partnership with Source for Business. As a 5-star hotel and home to the Surf Sanctuary, discover how eco-friendly solutions, including a smart rainwater management system, were seamlessly integrated.

Caerhays Estate

Discover how Source for Business helped Caerhays Estate save on water bills by reviving a disused well. This efficient solution, including power supply connection, now ensures extra water for livestock and crops. 

Devon County Showground

Source for Business cut Westpoint Arena's water bill by around £51,000 annually and secured a two-year reimbursement for wasted water through efficient leak detection and repairs. 

Hillview Farm

Discover how Source for Business tackled Hillview Farm's £16,000 annual water bill, offering cost-effective solutions to help save thousands each year. 

Kennacott Farm

Source for Business helped Cornish dairy farmer Chris Colloby secure an alternative water supply during a summer heatwave, ensuring immediate access for his 160 cows and young stock. 

National Hotel Chain

Discover how Source for Business identified significant water savings during a water-efficiency audit for a national hotel chain.

Paramount 21

Source for Business achieved annual savings of £5,000 for food manufacturer Paramount 21  by reviewing and correcting trade effluent charges. Expert analysis identified historical errors in bill calculations, leading to adjustments and retrospective refunds.

South Hams Brewery

Discover how Source for Business supported South Hams Brewery's brewery, providing expertise in effluent waste and resolving wastewater connection challenges. The family-owned business achieved cost savings of around £10,000, along with increased production capacity.