Prevent leaks, protect your business

At Source for Business, we understand the potential risks and costs that leaks pose to businesses. Leaks often go undetected, revealing themselves with an unexpected high-water bill, creating a costly and disruptive challenge.

Your responsibility begins once your pipework passes the wholesale water meter. However, uncertainties about pipework location, age, accessibility, or if it’s buried underground are common challenges for businesses. This responsibility extends to covering the cost of water lost through leaks, even if it drains into the ground without being used.

We’re committed to providing added value to our customers, which is why we recommend using WaterSafe-approved plumbers for all your leak detection and repair needs. WaterSafe is a trusted online directory and national accreditation body for skilled and qualified plumbers, water supply pipe installers, and water services specialists across the UK.

By recommending trusted professionals, our aim is to offer you peace of mind, helping you safeguard against leaks and ensure the integrity of your water supply. Regular meter checks and readings between billing months can be instrumental in identifying potential issues.

To further safeguard your business against potential leaks, take proactive measures by either submitting a meter reading or contacting us for information on installing loggers. Loggers not only allow you to track, analyse, and optimise your water consumption over time but also serve as an early leak detection tool, providing an additional layer of security for your business.