Source for Business reduced Westpoint Arena's water bill by c. £51,000 per annum, plus arranged for them to be reimbursed for 2 years worth of wasted water, via their water wholesaler.

Westpoint Arena at Clyst St. Mary near Exeter is the largest exhibition and entertainment venue in the South West and home to the Devon County Show, an annual, three day agricultural show held in May. It also hosts many other events throughout the year and uses a considerable amount of water to cater for differing event requirements.

Our Agricultural Key Account Manager Nigel Ponsford met with Richard Maunder, Chief Executive at the ground in February 2020 as their water meter was showing a constant flow rate, even when the site was closed overnight, and they were of the opinion that their water bills were excessive. The site is large, extending to some 150 acres and the network of underground pipes is considerable, so this had the potential to be a complex and protracted process.

Key Account Manager, Nigel recommended that we send our leak detection and repair team to the site. Using the data available to them, they established there were several leaks. And within just two days they found three leaks which were repaired immediately. This reduced the night time flow but didn't eliminate it completely, suggesting there were further leaks. However, as a result of the Global Pandemic caused by Covid-19 the UK's first National lockdown at the end of March complicated site access. Once restrictions had eased, and Source for Business were permitted to attend site within health and safety guidelines, we returned to the site in July and discovered a fourth, much bigger leak which was also duly repaired.

These repairs could potentially save the showground £51,000 a year from their water bills. As wastewater bills are based on water usage, these will also be lower, so the showground also stands to save on wastewater charges.

Additionally, Source for Business petitioned the wholesaler for a leak allowance*. This was granted by the wholesaler which reimbursed the ground's owners with 2 years worth of paid for, wasted water.

*Each granted leak allowance is individual and based on its own merits. Not all wholesalers offer leak allowances.

"I was absolutely delighted with the professionalism and expertise shown by Source for Business and their leak detection and repair team on what is a vast site. Nothing was too much trouble, and with their extensive knowledge and experience, all leaks were identified and repaired with a combination of care and efficiency. The excellent return on investment, the considerable reduction in my water bills will all be returned to my bottom line, not to mention the reduction in my carbon footprint. The final jewel in the crown was when I heard I had received a leak allowance from South West Water, the wholesaler, to cover the costs of the water wasted by the leaks."

Richard Maunder, Secretary and Chief Executive Devon County Agricultural Association