Your drinking water reaches you via a connection from the wholesaler’s water main. The wholesaler’s main is usually in the street and the small pipe that is connected to it, running to your premises, is called the service pipe. The section of pipe from the main to the street boundary is called the communication pipe and belongs to the wholesaler.
Where this isn’t the case we’ll advise you and explain. The wholesaler usually has a stop tap or meter chamber on their communication pipe as close as possible to the boundary.

The section of the service pipe that runs underground from the wholesaler’s communication pipe into your premises is called the supply pipe and belongs to you (there are some exceptions where there’s no water main in the road outside your premises or where you share the supply with a neighbouring property and there’s only one connection to the main).

The supply pipe normally runs underground from the street boundary to the stop tap inside your property. Although the supply pipe to your property may run through land and property that doesn’t belong to you, it is still your responsibility.

Whether you're moving into or out of a property associated with Source for Business, you must notify us.

It's important you give us as much detail as possible to ensure we can accurately bill you. Some essential details we'll need:

  1. The exact date you moved in or out of the premises with evidence to support this
  2. A meter reading from the move in / out day. This means we will be able to either generate a closing bill or update the new account with an initial meter read. If we do not receive this, we will estimate your bill which may not accurately reflect your usage.

Move premises