Breakdown of charges and responsibilities

Our retail services represent a small proportion of your total bill. The wholesale charges are set by wholesalers and are included in your bill. We will continue to keep retail costs as low as possible whilst offering advice and products and services which can help you reduce your consumption and wholesale cost.

Before the market opened, there was no distinction between retailers and wholesalers. Businesses were supplied by their regional suppliers, just as households still are. In the new market, wholesalers and retailers have different responsibilities.

Wholesalers provide water to the customer through the same pipes and networks as before, but they no longer perform any customer-facing activities. Instead, they charge a wholesale rate to a retailer who passes the charges through to the customer, include a small retail fee for providing billing, meter reading and customer services. The wholesale charge differs depending on the specific wholesale region a business is located and are the same for each retailer.

Who is my wholesaler?

It's important you know who your wholesaler is in case of supply emergencies.

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