Pennon Water Services Ltd is a licensed retailer in the UK water market and operates under the trading brand Source for Business. It's a joint Venture between Pennon Group Plc and South Staffordshire Plc (an integrated services Group); both with over 25 years’ experience in regulated water supply.
Serving over 165,000 customer accounts across Great Britain, PWS is one of the 'big 5' retailers within the market, and is highly rated on Trustpilot with a score of 4.8 / 5.


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Modern slavery statement


Pennon has developed an anti-slavery programme to allow it to understand and mitigate the risk of modern slavery across the group. Please see our updated anti modern slavery and human rights policy. Achieving Pennon’s commitment to ensure modern slavery is not occurring anywhere within its business operations or its supply chain requires internal drive and energy but also external expertise and knowledge. Pennon became a member of Slave Free Alliance in August 2018 to assist in the development of tailored business processes and controls to prevent modern slavery occurring in Pennon’s operations. This support and insight both provides external expertise and increases confidence that Pennon is meeting its obligations.

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