Helping you to PROTECT your business,UNDERSTAND your water usage, REDUCE your consumption and ENHANCE your infrastructure

We understand the potential scarcity and value of water, not just how it touches our daily lives, but its importance to businesses like yours. We have developed a range of services to help businesses get the most from their water and wastewater services, whether that be finding ways to save money by using less or securing and protecting their supply.

Our experienced team can help you build or support your water strategy whilst offering you highly competitive retail services, delivering a holistic approach to water billing and management.

Not only do we help you reduce your water and wastewater bills by offering competitive retail tariffs, but we also offer a comprehensive range of services which can PROTECT your customers and staff, allow you to UNDERSTAND your consumption, REDUCE your water usage which will save you money and ENHANCE your systems to use water more sustainably, we’ve aptly named these our PURE services.

Protect your customers and staff

When considering the water your business uses, the first step is to ensure it’s safe

Understand your consumption

Before any business can save water, it needs to understand how much it uses, when and for what purpose.

Reduce your water usage

Every litre of water that flows through your meter needs to be paid for. Reducing how much you use makes sense.

Enhance your water systems

The potable water provided by your wholesaler may not always meet your specific needs.