There are several different terms for devices that can help you understand how much water your premises use. They all mean the same, and installing one can help you achieve actionable insight for your business.
Loggers help you by showing how much water you are using in 15-minute intervals via a web portal that’s accessible from any browser on any device. This allows you to build a usage timeline and identify any underlying issues with your supply.

Why is flow monitoring useful?




Identify Leakage

A dripping tap wastes on average 4.3 litres a day, 129 a month and 1,569 a year! That’s just a single tap, imagine the amount of water you’d waste if you have leaks on multiple taps in your premises.





Do you have more than one site? By installing multiple loggers, you can identify any operational water inefficiency. Why is site A using more than site B when they should be the same?




Trend Analysis

Are you using more than you were two years ago or even last month? Why? If you cannot explain it, there maybe inefficiencies or leakage to investigate.

The portal



The portal has alarm functionality that will send you an email or SMS alert if your consumption goes above a certain threshold. This will help you identify potential leaks on your network, save money and improve your environmental impact.

Other features include:

Alarm functionality for unusual readings

Multiple site and sub meter profiles – multiple comparisons on the same graph

Minimum Night Flow as an indicator for site leakage or usage inefficiencies. Why is water being consumed at 2am?

Consumption and financial forecasting

Total site summaries – giving account level reporting and not just site level

Benchmarking and comparison of different periods and against multiple sites

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