Did you know you may be paying too much for your water and wastewater services?

The business water market opened up to retail competition in April 2017. Prior to this your water and wastewater services were provided by your regional water wholesaler under a monopoly. Wholesale water and wastewater services remain a monopoly, but your retail services such as meter reading, billing and customer services can now be switched. 

At Source for Business, we provide retail services to over 160,000 business accounts and are part of the Pennon Group, a FTSE 100 company.

16,000+ Switched Accounts

Since the market opened, we have successfully switched over 16,000 accounts to us

£5.5m+ Saved

Those 16,000 switched accounts have a combined saving on retail charges of over £5.5m

Additional £18.4m+ Saved

Through our PURE services, we've helped customers reduce their consumption and save over £18.4m on water and wastewater bills

Interested in Switching?

Below are a few reasons you may want to consider when thinking about switching:

Wide range of PURE services

To help you reduce your consumption, saving you more money on your wholesale charges

Additional loyalty discounts

Additional discounts are available. The longer you sign up for, the more you save

Price freeze

Your retail tariff will not increase for the entire length of your contract – even if it’s for 5 years!



Our customers rate us highly for service through independent reviews with Trustpilot


One easy to understand accurate bill, one telephone number to call if you need help and one payment date

No upfront payment

We will only charge metered customers for the services they use after they have used them

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