Before any business can enhance its systems, it needs to understand how much water it uses, when and for what purpose. Most wholesale water meters are not ‘smart’, which means you or your water retailer will need to physically read it to see how much water is being used. A water meter will need to be read multiple times over a 24 hour period for days, weeks and months to build a complete picture of the flow.

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UNDERSTAND services include:

There are several different terms for devices that can help you understand how much water your premises use. They all mean the same, and installing one can help you achieve actionable insight for your business. Loggers help you by showing how much water you are using in 15-minute intervals via a web portal that’s accessible from any browser on any device. This allows you to build a usage timeline and identify any underlying issues with your supply.

The portal has alarm functionality that will send you an email or SMS alert if your consumption goes above a certain threshold. This will help you identify potential leaks on your network, save money and improve your environmental impact.

We can carry out water audits at your premises and offer advice on new technologies which will save you money on your water and wastewater bills. A report will be issued, including recommendations such as tariff optimisation, water-saving devices, sub-meters, smart-metering, and much more.

Finally, we can benchmark your water usage against water consumption by other similar companies for you to use as a guide for efficient water use.

A site audit for a national hotel chain identified a split underneath a cold water storage tank. Water was leaking profusely at a rate of at least 20 litres per minute. The estimated cost was £107 per day. The audit data indicated the leak had been present for at least 18 months at a cost to the hotel of £58k. The audit was able to identify the leak promptly by following and inspecting all water using processes and infrastructure.

If you have a large site with multiple buildings, sub-metering is an efficient way of showing how much water you are using in each building and for which water using processes.

Having specific site plans of your water and drainage network provides an enhanced option to future proof your infrastructure. Knowing the location of your underground assets allows you to plan site development more effectively and can improve response times in the event of leakage, saving you money.

Our other PURE services:

Protect your customers and staff

When considering the water your business uses, the first step is to ensure it’s safe

Reduce your water usage

Every litre of water that flows through your meter needs to be paid for. Reducing how much you use makes sense.

Enhance your water systems

The potable water provided by your wholesaler may not always meet your specific needs.