Before any business can put in place a plan, it needs to thoroughly understand how much water it uses, when and for what purpose. Most wholesale water meters are not ‘smart’ which means you or your water retailer will need to physically read it to see how much water is being used. To build a complete picture, a water meter will need to be read multiple times over a 24 hour period for days, weeks and months. 

One of our PURE services is the installation of a water logger to your meter or sub meter which does this for you.

There are several different terms for devices which can help you to better understand how much water your premises use. These include flow monitors, loggers or automatic meter reading devices (AMR). They all mean the same and installing one can be very useful, often resulting in actionable insight for your business. Loggers help by showing you how much water you are using in 15 minute intervals.

But why is this useful?


One of the main reasons is to help you identify leaks. Your business is liable for the cost of any leaks on your pipework. If unnoticed your next bill could be substantially higher than normal and you may not be able to recover costs.


Do you have more than one site? By installing sub meters and loggers, you can see where water is being used and identify any operational water inefficiency. Why is site A using more than site B when they should be the same?

Trend Analysis

How do you budget for water? Are you using more than you were two years ago or even last month? Why? If you cannot explain it there my be inefficiency or as noted leakage to investigate

Online Access

To your consumption data via our web-based portal or on your smart phone

Once installed your logger(s) data can be accessed through this portal. Portal functionality not only includes profile graphing and daily meter reads, it can also show;

  • Minimum Night Flow as an indicator for site leakage or usage inefficiencies. Why is water being consumed at 02:00?
  • Multiple site and sub meter profiles – Multiple comparisons on the same graph
  • Total site summaries – giving account level reporting and not just site level
  • Benchmarking and comparison of different periods and against multiple sites
  • Consumption and financial forecasting
UM Portal

You can configure your portal to trigger an alarm to an email address if your consumption exceeds a level you choose. This can help you identify leaks promptly allowing for you to arrange a rapid repair, avoiding unexpected high bills.

Installing a logger is not just about spotting leaks. Although this is hugely important we have found them invaluable in helping to educate customers or employees about how to use water more efficiently.

Need Help?

A logger is just one of the PURE services we offer to help you Understand more about how you use water Do you want to take control of your water spend with a logger or one of our other services? Just let us know when you are ready by contacting us below.