Reducing how much water you use is common sense. Every litre of water which flows through your water meter needs to be paid for. The less you use the lower your bill. As the majority of wastewater charges are also calculated based upon a percentage of your water usage if you use less water you will save on your sewerage charges also.

Our PURE services include a variety of measures designed to help you save money, including leak detection and repair.

Leaks are a reality of plumbing systems, whether you have a small shop or a large manufacturing plant. The lengthier and more complex your pipework the higher the risk, especially during winter and when excavating your site. Many businesses do not know where their pipework runs, how old it is, whether it can be easily accessed or if it is buried below reinforced concrete underground. However, every business is responsible for their underground pipework and throughout their premises once it has passed the wholesale water meter. This responsibility extends to include the cost of any water which travels through the pipes and is lost through a leak, even if the water is draining into the ground and not being used.

If you're a small business using a small amount of water, we recommend you regularly check your water meter if it is safe to do so, to keep an eye out for increased consumption which might point to a leak. For larger users of water we recommend the installation of a water logger.

If you suspect you have a leak, acting quickly is hugely important to save on costs but also because small leaks might be more easily fixed. If you leave a small leak running, aside from the risk of damage to your own or neighbouring premises the leak will only worsen over time and will become much more problematic and a potentially more costly burst. We offer a range of services to help, but if you believe you have a small internal leak any approved plumber will be able to help you. If your leak is more substantial or external and below ground we can help with:


Fixed price repairs

For smaller businesses, we can send a leakage technician to your premises to locate and repair the leak for a fixed fee agreed in advance. Terms and conditions apply when significant excavation of hard ground is required, but this is a simple way to get somebody out quickly to find and repair your leak.

Large site repairs

We can deploy a team to any large site, including sensitive industrial sites to locate a leak to produce a bespoke repair estimate. You may just want to use our locate service if you have your own repair team, but if not we can also repair the leak at a time to minimise the impact upon your business.

Need Help?

Leakage management is just one of the PURE services we offer to help you Reduce how much water you use, saving you money. We can also send an auditor out to assess your water usage across your site, producing a detailed report with recommendations and we can survey your site to see if it is suitable for a borehole or other land alternative. Taking water from the ground with an attached treatment plant can be a lot more cost effective than you might think.

If we can be of help let us know below.