The first step when considering the water your business uses is to ensure it's safe. Our PURE services focus on doing exactly this, helping you to Protect your business with Legionella risk assessments and control regimes. It is just one of the services we offer which are designed to ensure everybody who might use water in your business is Protected.

It can be easy to take for granted that the potable water which arrives at our premises is still in good shape when we turn on our taps. However, every plumbing system is different, in layout and in age. It is a good idea to understand where your water pipes run and if they are all ‘live’, especially if you or those before you have extensively changed the site. A good starting point is to ensure that your water is safe to use is to have a legionella risk assessment.

The Legal Bit

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 dictates that every business who has 5 employees or more should have an up-to-date risk assessment to protect their staff, customers and reputation. In the event of a Legionella outbreak, if you can’t provide proof of a risk assessment and legionella control, you will be legally responsible. Legionella is a water-borne bacteria and affects the over 50s, people with existing diseases and poor immune systems. Symptoms are similar to those of pneumonia and in some cases, sadly, can be fatal.

How We Can Help You Protect Your Business

As one of our PURE services, we can schedule a visit from one of our qualified risk assessors who will carry out an in-depth review of all locations within your premises.  They will take water temperatures and check them against the acceptable range and trace pipework and its sources where possible. They will take photographs of all the sites, and identify and prioritise any risks and compile an asset list which will be sent to you in a report. Your report will make recommendations for a control regime to keep track of your risk and to ensure your water is safe for all who use it.

Each control regime will vary and will be based upon your recorded assets. Control measures can include:

Regular flushing of outlets






Temperature monitoring


You may be able to manage the risks yourself or if you prefer we can put together a schedule of regular visits and tests by our team to help keep you safe.

If you have seldom accessed sites they can be at higher risk and if you do not want or cannot provide regular access for technicians to conduct their testing on your premises you may be suited to the new range of AquaTeq products which can be installed for remote access to temperatures.

You can view outlet details from your desk and can conduct remote flushing to put you in control. An online portal provides you with all the data you need.

Management Portal


Need help?

Legionella risk assessments and control measures are just some of the PURE services we offer to help you Protect your business. Just let us know when you are ready by contacting us below.