The potable water provided by your wholesaler may not always meet your specific needs. If you are using water directly in your business processes you might find the water too hard. It might not be at sufficient pressure to reach the top floor of your building or to meet the demand of your production process. Enhancing what you have by installing water softeners or pumps can help your business adapt its water supply to better meet your needs.

Our PURE services are designed to help you transform the water in your business.

If you suffer from hard water did you know you can install a water softener to your incoming main supply pipe? With a little bit of ongoing servicing you can soften your water to a more suitable level to protect fixtures and fittings or to better suit your production process. Some equipment suffers with overly hard water, especially heating systems and whilst you can isolate and protect those, you can look to a softener for all of your sites.

Our teams can visit you to look at options available to you and can recommend solutions which best work for your business whether they be to your equipment or right across your site. 

Water softeners can have a range of benefits including reducing maintenance and extending the life of your existing equipment, eliminating scale formation and reducing energy consumption, they are typically but not exclusively used in:




Boiler Houses

If you are interested in having a water softener installed or if you have an existing softener which needs refurbishment or replacement we can help. If hard water is not an issue for your business, but you struggle with pressure, there are a wide range of pumps available. 

Pumps can operate even when completely submerged and water booster sets can increase the pressure in an existing system or can provide water pressure to a new installation. A water booster set can help to compensate for planned reductions in mains water pressure across the UK to minimise any effect on your businesses.

Need Help?

A water pump or softener are examples of a couple of our PURE services to help you Enhance how water is used throughout your business. Do you want to find our more about our services? Just let us know when you are ready by contacting us below.