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17 Mar 2021

Everyone is eagerly anticipating the opening of non-essential retail businesses on 12 April, which is just a few weeks away now.

There will be so many things to consider when re-opening your business, that it will be a minefield. It’s best to start planning ahead now, to avoid any last minute hitches as regards your water systems, so you can concentrate on getting your business up and running and maximising your income.

Here’s some top hints and tips to consider first:

It is very important that once you re-open, your water systems are not put back straight to use, but flushed and monitored beforehand. We cannot stress this enough. If you are planning on opening up your business on 12 April, you will need to plan at least two weeks in advance. Here are some useful tips to help you plan ahead and protect the quality of your water.

Run all taps individually, until the water is cold and looks clear, starting with the closest to where the water enters the building and work towards the furthest away.

Stored water
Where water is stored, cisterns should be completely emptied and re-filled with fresh water from the incoming supply. 

Flushing, cleaning and disinfection should be considered for tanks, showers, calorifiers and complex pipework particularly in larger buildings and should be done in line with BS8858. Flush all of your toilets several times before they are used.

Be extra careful when turning on taps, showers and any other sources of water which have been left dormant and unused. These could contain legionella and other bacteria which can cause respiratory diseases and even death in the vulnerable.

Water systems
Water outlets on hot and cold water systems ordinarily should be used weekly to minimise stagnation and bacteria such as legionnaires. If your water system has been left unused for longer, a flushing regime should be carried out with valves in an open position and should be recorded in a maintenance log.  

Remote, automatic water monitoring and temperature testing
This revolutionary remote monitoring and testing is the only one of its kind in the marketplace. It removes the need for someone to physically go round and check all the outlets and take temperatures, record and store them for five years. It provides 100% compliance at the touch of a button. All alerts are sent to your smart phone and can be dynamically controlled on the Genius smart building platform. This allows tests to be scheduled according to needs and all the reports generated automatically.

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