Source for Business has launched a Water4Life Sustainability Forum

14 Jul 2021

Water is the world’s ultimate renewable resource and its scarcity is the most important environmental concern for us all. It’s one of the cheapest commodities around and yet, we all take for granted that when we turn on the tap, it will be there no matter what. We need to act now!  With this in mind, Source for Business recently launched their inaugural Sustainability Forum via Microsoft Teams with some of their business customers across the South West.

The objective of the forum was to bring businesses together with the aim of sharing awareness of the need to save water and how we can best achieve this together.  Collectively, we can help each other reduce the amount of water we waste and improve our green credentials and reduce our carbon footprint.

Topics discussed were around investment in alternative water supplies such a boreholes, rainwater harvesting, leak detection and repair, water audits and appointing sustainability champions within businesses as well as quick and cheap wins such as fixing leaking taps and loos. As an example Waterwise, an independent water conservation body, state that a single leaking toilet wastes on average between 215 and 400 litres of water per day.  Imagine if you have 100 toilets in your business premises and just 10% of them are leaking.  That’s a lot of wasted water and money!

The first forum was a resounding success as customers animatedly shared their issues, solutions and ideas on how to reduce their water consumption, reduce their bills and put money back onto their bottom line.

If you would like to know more, or even join our next meeting on 13th October, go on line and book your place  Places will be on a first come, first served basis.

“The new forum has been set up to help businesses in the South West become more cost efficient whilst at the same time helping them to lower their environmental impact. It has never been more important to consider the impact we all have on our environment and our planets ecosystems.  We were delighted to see businesses with a passion for the environment get stuck into the debate whilst already throwing their hat into the ring for the next session in October. . Such events are an important part of our sustainable water strategy as a leading market retailer and they align perfectly  with South West Water’s commitment to be net zero by 2030.” 
Greg Dugmore, Head of Commercial, Source for Business